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Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe? Yes — Let us Explain:

Sometimes patients ask us – Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe? The most common cosmetic dentistry procedures are safe for most patients. 

Not every procedure is appropriate for everyone. Before receiving any treatment, consult with your dentist. 

After a thorough examination, your dentist can give you an honest assessment of which cosmetic procedures are appropriate for you. The answers will vary depending on the procedure, your dental history, genetics, lifestyle, and existing treatment plan. 

This article isn’t a substitute for professional dental care; it is intended to help educate patients about some of the options available. 

We love the transformative power of cosmetic dentistry. So, Is Cosmetic Dentistry Safe? When under the care of a responsible dentist, cosmetic dentistry is safe. 

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cosmetic dental specialist

Meet Dr. Micheal Wilson: Your Top Cosmetic Dental Specialist in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Micheal Wilson is one of Charlotte’s most sought-after cosmetic dental specialists. If you are unhappy with the way your smile or your teeth look, consider a consultation with our cosmetic dental specialist – Dr. Wilson. 

He says he enjoys seeing the smiles he can bring patients through cosmetic dentistry. When a person feels proud of their smile, they radiate confidence and feel ready to face the world. 

This article isn’t a substitute for personal dental care. In fact, we hope it helps you decide to seek professional dental care. 

When a patient receives the right treatment for their needs, the results are simply amazing. People who previously felt self-conscious or covered their mouths start smiling more and laughing more. 

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Smile Makeover Process

Our Guide to Understanding The Smile Makeover Process

A big radiant smile gives the impression of joy and energy. If you feel self-conscious about smiling, a smile makeover can restore your self-confidence. Sometimes patients ask us about the smile makeover process and how it works.

This article isn’t a substitute for professional care from an experienced dentist. Any smile makeover process starts with a visit to a dentist for a consultation and thorough examination. After considering your oral health, history, aesthetic goals, and budget, your dental team will create a custom plan for your smile.

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Smiling Your Best: When to Know If You’re Ready for Veneers

Feeling comfortable with your body, whether in the way you walk, speak, or look, is a key to happiness. This is why cosmetic procedures are available to help people correct their body’s imperfections. Porcelain veneer treatments are one of the many ways you can become more confident with your body. However, you have to earn your way to a winning smile by figuring out a few signs to tell you if you’re ready for it.

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why get veneers

Why Get Veneers? Everything You Need to Know About Getting Veneers

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. So, if you are not happy with your smile and don’t feel confident, it may feel like that’s all that people notice about you. Now, there is no shortage of reasons why you might lack confidence in your teeth. Teeth might be chipped or cracked. A tooth might be discolored, or the alignment might be significantly off.

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