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Why Get Veneers? Everything You Need to Know About Getting Veneers

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. So, if you are not happy with your smile and don’t feel confident, it may feel like that’s all that people notice about you. Now, there is no shortage of reasons why you might lack confidence in your teeth. Teeth might be chipped or cracked. A tooth might be discolored, or the alignment might be significantly off.

Whatever the reason may be, your imperfect smile can cause a serious lack of self-confidence. To correct your smile, you may not need to go through extractions or months (if not years) of braces. Instead, you may want to consider veneers as a possibility. If you’ve ever wondered why get veneers, or even if it is right for you, the real question you should be asking is whether you want to improve your smile. If the answer is yes, veneers may just be the right dental procedure for you

Why get veneers? 

If you are still wondering why get veneers, here is the answer. Have you found you don’t like what you see in the morning? Does the discoloration of a dead tooth frustrate you whenever you smile or even talk? What’s frustrating is the problem may not be your fault at all. Perhaps you fell and hit your front tooth, killing off the nerve. This will result in your tooth becoming darker. At first, it isn’t all that noticeable, but over time, it will become especially recognizable when you talk and in photos. Or maybe you accidentally bit down on a popcorn kernel and chipped your tooth.

No matter how well you’ve taken care of your dental health in the past, it can take one accident or mishap to significantly change the way your smile looks. And when you’re not happy with your smile you won’t be happy interacting with others. That is why you need to look at veneers as a possible corrective option.  

A Lack Of Self-Confidence Is Evident

Lack of self-confidence isn’t a life sentence. You can go about correcting it quickly. In fact, all you may need is veneers. It’s rather amazing just how quickly your self-confidence will turn around with your new teeth. The veneers will instantly correct the color of your teeth, the chip, misalignment, or many other issue you have with your teeth. So instead of hiding behind your imperfection, you’ll smile and want to show off your perfect smile. One of the best ways to boost self-confidence is to make improvements to the way you look. Having a beautiful smile is one such way that will help you make do exactly this. 

The Right Teeth For You

Why get veneers? The beauty of veneers is there’s no right or wrong way for the teeth to look. Perhaps you have a signature gap between your teeth that you want to maintain. You like the way it looks and it has become part of who you are. Yet there is another issue with your teeth you want to fix. You just don’t want to cover the gap. All of this can be accomplished with veneers. By working with the top-level dentists at Southview Dentistry you will have the exact smile you’re looking for.

The teeth can be slender to help slim down your face and your smile, if this is what you’re interested in. The teeth can be white-white, or you can have a subtle shade of gray or yellow, to help with the natural look of your teeth. When you sit down with your dentist, they will go over the best fit options and how veneers will help with the overall shape of your mouth and the way your smile looks. Whatever you’re interested in, when it comes to improving your smile and giving you the self-confidence you’ve been desperately looking for, you’ll receive it when you opt for veneers. 

A Newer, More Confident You Awaits

Veneers are so much more than just a cover for your teeth. It represents a brand new you and a more confident you. Instead of hiding behind your teeth, putting your hand in front of your mouth when you smile or doing your best not to open your mouth, you’ll want to show off your new smile. It’s amazing what veneers can do for you and how it can help improve the way you look and your personal confidence. 

If you’re not sure about whether veneers are the right way to go, all you need to do is set up a consultation. This will help you discover more about how veneers will work with your own smile and what kind of veneer options are available to you. So, if you’re interested in improving your smile and, at the same time, improving your personal experience in life, now is the time to consider veneers. 

Before & After

before veneers

Before Veneers

After Veneers

After Veneers






Take The First Step To A Better You Today

If you’re not satisfied with the current state of your teeth and your smile, you owe it to yourself to consider veneers. From covering up a chipped tooth to replacing the entire front row of your teeth, there are a number of ways veneers can help improve your smile, and as such, your self-confidence.  So if you’re interested in learning more about why get veneers, want to see if veneers is the right solution for you, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation, now is the time to take the first step to a better you and contact Southview Dentistry of Charlotte today.