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keto diet and oral health

The Keto Diet and Oral Health

Low-carbohydrate and Keto diets have been trendy for over a decade. Due to their popularity, patients sometimes ask us questions about the connection between a Keto diet and oral health. In this blog post, we will share the dental pros and cons of a low carb diet and offer some strategies to mitigate the cons.

Keep in mind this post isn’t intended to replace the advice of a physician or registered dietitian. We always urge people to seek medical advice since the human body is complicated and not every diet is appropriate for every person.

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what can cause a toothache

What Can Cause a Toothache?

Pain is often a warning of a health issue that needs attention or treatment. Patients often ask us, “What can cause a toothache?” There are multiple things that can cause oral pain. In most cases, your dental or medical professional can relieve you from this pain with the correct treatment.

Keep in mind that jaw and mouth pain have a diverse range of causes ranging from untreated dental problems to very serious life-threatening conditions like heart attacks. This article is not intended to replace medical and dental care, it is to inform our patients of the range of possibilities and to explain why it is crucial that anyone experiencing pain seek professional care.

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thumb sucking and teeth

Everything You Need To Know About Thumb Sucking and Teeth

Thumb sucking: many of us did it at one point in time. It is a comforting feeling for many babies, but there does come a point where a child needs to move away from thumb sucking for a number of reasons. One potential issue with extensive thumb sucking is problems with their teeth. There is a very specific connection between thumb sucking and tooth position. So if you have a child who sucks their thumb, or if you’re considering having a baby and want to know how best to care for your child, here is what you need to know regarding thumb sucking and teeth.

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why get veneers

Why Get Veneers? Everything You Need to Know About Getting Veneers

Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. So, if you are not happy with your smile and don’t feel confident, it may feel like that’s all that people notice about you. Now, there is no shortage of reasons why you might lack confidence in your teeth. Teeth might be chipped or cracked. A tooth might be discolored, or the alignment might be significantly off.

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how do teeth get stained

How do Teeth Get Stained and All the Ways to Fix it

Patients often ask us “how do teeth get stained?” The simple answer is that there are more than ten reasons that teeth accumulate stains over time. Preventing future stains and treating existing stains is more effective once you understand what stains your teeth.

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