Cosmetic Dentistry Blog

Cosmetic Dentistry Blog

February 29, 2024
how to prepare for botox

How to Prepare for Botox

Key Takeaways: Preparation Is Key: Preparing for Botox treatment in dentistry involves more than scheduling an appointment – it requires thoughtful preparation to achieve optimal results […]
February 29, 2024
TMJ Botox Therapy

Does Botox Help TMJ?

Key Takeaways: Botox as an Innovative TMJ Treatment: Botox offers an effective, targeted approach for treating TMJ disorders by targeting muscle dysfunction. By temporarily blocking the […]
February 1, 2024

Can Dentists do Botox?

Over the past several years, dentistry has undergone significant change, expanding beyond traditional oral care to include facial aesthetics. One area that has seen great progress […]
December 18, 2023
what causes tooth sensitivity

What Causes Tooth Sensitivity?

If you sometimes feel a jolt of sensitivity when you have a hot or cold drink, you may wonder, “What causes tooth sensitivity?” Basically, if your […]
November 21, 2023
how to improve smile

How to Improve Your Smile

Some things never go out of style, like a confident smile. If you feel self-conscious about your smile, facing the day with confidence can be challenging. […]
October 30, 2023
what is dental bonding

What is Dental Bonding?

Patients often ask us, “What is dental bonding?” As cosmetic dentistry specialists, we offer a range of treatments that help people like you achieve the smile […]
October 30, 2023
how effective is invisalign

How Effective is Invisalign?

Patients often ask us, “How effective is Invisalign?” For so many people, Invisalign is a discreet and convenient way to improve the alignment of their teeth. […]
September 29, 2023
is hydroxyapatite safe

Is Hydroxyapatite Safe?

Toothpaste and mouthwash containing hydroxyapatite have caused quite a buzz in the health and wellness press. Sometimes, patients ask us, “Is hydroxyapatite safe?” Given some unhealthy […]
September 28, 2023
is fluoride toothpaste bad

Is Fluoride Toothpaste Bad?

Sometimes, patients have seen an influencer or wellness celebrity warn them about fluoride. It’s not surprising that they sometimes ask, “Is fluoride toothpaste bad?” Just about […]