Financing & Insurance

Financing & Insurance

Financing and Insurance

While we are committed to providing you with the latest in dental technology, we also understand just how important the financial aspect is to your care. To make your care more affordable, we accept many different insurance policies and offer a discount plan for our cash paying patients.

Our Policies

Before your first visit
We offer a complimentary dental benefit check prior to your first visit. We will contact your insurance company and speak with an agent about your policy, what benefits you are eligible for and any other applicable requirements. You will be informed of the outcome of this verification by one of our highly qualified financial associates.
Will I get to meet with someone?
Yes! We have a team of financial associates who specialize in dental insurance issues. You’ll meet with one of our associates at the end of your visit to discuss your treatment plan and the projected costs. They’ll help you figure out how to maximize your dental benefits while minimizing your out-of-pocket costs.
Which insurance plans do you accept?
At Southview Dentistry, we accept dental plans from several different insurance providers and are participating providers with the following dental insurance programs:

  • Cigna
  • Delta Dental Premier
  • Lincoln Financial Group
  • United Healthcare

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions about your insurance. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about your coverage, and are also able to file your insurance claims on your behalf.
What if I don’t have dental insurance?
If you don’t have a dental insurance plan, we have many options to make your treatment more affordable.

  • Southview Discount Plan: We offer an in-office discount plan exclusively for our patients who are paying cash for their treatment. The plan provides between 25% and 30% of the regular office fees to help make treatment more affordable. Please contact our office to get more information about the Southview Discount plan!
  • Medical Insurance: In some situations, your medical insurance plan may cover some necessary medical dental procedures. We can help you look into whether this is an option for your case.
  • Payment Plan: Southview also offers a payment plan where you can make monthly payments before your upcoming appointment. This helps you keep your dental care within your monthly budget.
  • Financing – We proudly work with CareCredit and can help you apply for interest free financing. Please speak with one of our financial care associates for more information.
Insurance Information
Most people have purchased their dental insurance through their employer as part of their health benefits. Your specific policy is determined by negotiations between the employer and the insurance company. We are happy to help you determine your coverage as part of your benefits verification.

There are several different types of insurance plans that you may participate in:
  • Preferred Provider Organizations, or PPO plans, offer a network of participating dentists who agree to accept contracted fees as payment. These fees are usually lower than their typical office fees. If you have a PPO plan, you will likely pay a percentage of that lowered rate, and the insurance company will pay the rest. You may have to meet a deductible before your insurance benefits will apply. The percentage that you are responsible will vary by plan, by policy, and by procedure. You can usually visit any dentist you wish, even if they are not in the PPO network.
  • Health Maintenance Organizations, or HMO, require that you choose a single dentist or dental facility to coordinate all of your care. If you need more specialized care, your primary dentist will issue a referral for you to see the specialist. When you participate in an HMO dental plan, you will pay a set fee for your treatment. HMOs usually do not have a deductible, and diagnostic/preventative services don’t require a copay. Unlike PPO plans, you must see a dentist within the network or you will be financially responsible for the entire bill.
  • Indemnity, or Fee for Service, plans are very similar to PPO plans: you visit a network dentist, pay a certain percentage for each service and the insurance plan pays the remainder. You will also likely have a deductible, and may also have an annual maximum amount that the plan will cover. However, the main difference between a PPO and Indemnity plan is that the indemnity dentist is not usually paid as much as the PPO dentist, which can increase the amount that you are responsible for.
  • Discount plans are also known as reduced fee for service plans. These plans are not traditional insurance coverage, but provide discounted rates when you see a participating provider. There usually are no deductibles, or annual maximums to deal with when you are part of a discount plan.
Financing Information
We are proud to partner with CareCredit to offer special healthcare financing programs. CareCredit is not a medical or dental insurance policy; rather it is a healthcare credit card. Instead of using a traditional credit card with high interest rates, CareCredit extends interest free financing for short-term loans (6 or 12, months) to be used for medical or dental purchases. If you are interested in using CareCredit to cover the costs of your dental work, please speak a financial associate for more information. In addition to answering your questions, they can help you apply for financing if you decide this is your best option.