Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry

Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry


At Southview Dentistry, a Charlotte family dentist office, we believe that good dental habits begin as soon as the first tooth erupts. We care for families by providing the best, most consistent and effective dental care for your children; from their formative years, through adolescence and beyond.

Charlotte Family Dentist and Pediatrics

We strive to make every patient’s experience stress free. We realize that a great dental experience at an early age will only help continue good dental habits in the future. We recommend bringing your child to sit and watch their parents or siblings so they can see how easy the experience can be. We recommend bringing your child to Southview Dentistry for educational tips on pediatric hygiene once they start getting teeth.

We DO NOT recommend sealants for your child. We have been lead to believe that sealants help prevent cavities. This may be true in the short term but after being placed years later sealants can start to break down and actually lead to cavities later in life. Why place anything on a healthy tooth? If a child or parent is doing a good job keeping the tooth clean then why add a layer of sealant over the grooves that are cavity free? We routinely see cavities on back molars on patients that had sealants placed when they were younger. Usually these patients have never had a cavity in their life and have great home care. This cavity is hardly ever their fault and would probably never occurred if the sealant was never placed.

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Are you looking for convenient, confident, and comfortable care from a Charlotte family dentist? If you are, then you’ve come to the right place. At Southview Dentistry, the best Charlotte family dentist, we care about you and your family and that is why we work to help you achieve the healthiest and brightest of smiles.

From the moment you step into our Charlotte family dentist office, you will notice the difference. We value our patients’ relationships and we make gentle compassionate care our top priority. Our professional and highly trained team works hard to make you feel at ease by providing you with exceptional dental care in the most relaxed and convenient atmosphere. With a combination of professional compassionate staff and the latest technology, we ensure your healthy smile lasts a lifetime.

We strongly believe that our patients should have enough information to make educated decisions concerning their oral health and other treatment options. We provide patient education resources on our website and in our office. We pride ourselves on being a comprehensive Charlotte pediatric dentistry office and take our time with each patient to understand their concerns and needs. We offer a variety of services including:

Pediatric care

You can find the latest advancement in children’s dentistry with the concern and thoughtfulness from a dentist for your child. We work to create the experience you wish your child to have at the dental office. We offer a relaxed environment for competent care. We teach daily dental hygiene for your children from an early age to help them maintain natural smiles for a lifetime. We ensure care when handling a child’s milk teeth removal in the most friendly and professional manner.