Dental Crowns Charlotte NC

Dental Crowns Charlotte NC

Dental Crowns

Say goodbye to temporary crowns and that gooey, sticky, bad tasting impression material! If you live in Charlotte and are familar with dental crowns you know the routine, make an appointment to have a crown tooth procedure prepped, another appointment for when the temporary falls off and a third appointment to have the permanent crown placed. Let’s hope the crown from the lab fit too or we’re taking another impression and sending the crown back to the lab. No More!

Dental Crown Procedure

Now when a dental crown procedure is recommended we are able to make it in the office in one visit. This visit takes a little time, approximately two hours, but the benefits are obvious. No getting numb again to cement, no temporary to fall off, no impressions.

Thanks to improvements in materials we felt the time was right to invest in this technology and make the normally multi-visit crown tooth procedure take just one visit. With 30 years on the market, CEREC is the industry leader in cad/cam technology.

I had a crown done and it came out perfect. Everyone was great and I had no pain. Love these Doctors!

M. Murtagh

Additional Information

The CEREC system is the latest development in dental technology, providing a faster, more attractive result for patients, along with less injections and drilling. The CEREC system also conserves more of the natural structure of your teeth by not requiring as much drilling. The process starts in the same way that prepping for a traditional crown tooth procedure happens – shots are used to numb the tooth requiring a cap and the gums around it. A drill is then used to remove the decayed portion of the tooth.

Next, a wand with a camera on the end that uses reflected light to capture a three-dimensional picture of the tooth is used. With a traditional crown tooth procedure, a photo would not be involved. Instead, an impression of the tooth would be made and sent off to a lab to be made into the crown, often taking several weeks. Though with same day crown tooth procedures, the digital image is brought up on a screen to guide in designing the crown. Once Dr. Kelly or Dr. Micheal perfects the design of the tooth using computer software, a quick click of the computer mouse sends the picture to the CEREC machine right here in our office. The best way to describe the CEREC is that it resembles a traditional milling machine used to cut, shape, or finish objects. The CEREC cuts away at a small block of ceramic to sculpts the crown in as little as six minutes!

Then for the final step in the permanent crown tooth procedure- the permanent crown is adhered to the tooth and made to match the surrounding teeth. Despite many people’s best efforts, all teeth are not sparkling white. Most are yellowish at the gum line and gradually become whiter toward the middle of the tooth. When produced in-house, Dr. Kelly or Dr. Micheal can paint color on your cap with tiny brushes to make it match your other teeth.

The CEREC technology also works well for repairing chipped or discolored teeth.

So, what are the benefits of using the CEREC system when you come to Southview Dentistry for a crown? The biggest benefit of getting a same day crown tooth procedure is time and convenience. We know you are busy and do not want to waste your time. Your oral health and your time are important to you and us at Southview. Instead of requiring you to come back for a second, and sometimes third, visit, the entire procedure can be completed in one appointment that you can schedule at your convenience.

The CEREC process is less painful and less traumatic for those who do not like needles. Because a crown tooth procedure will be completed the same day, only one set of injections is necessary, versus several being required for multiple appointments.

Same day crown tooth procedures mean you will never need a temporary crown again. Temporary crowns often fall off before the permanent crown is ready and can be painful. This can add extra trips to the dentist office.

The CEREC machine gives your dentist more control of how the final permanent crown tooth will look and fit in your mouth. It also provides a stronger metal-free product, which means the crown lasts longer. With the proper care, a CEREC permanent crown may have to be replaced less often overall and can last for decades.

At Southview Dentistry, our patients do not lose their patience while waiting weeks for a crown to be made! Ask us at your next visit about our dental crowns Charlotte NC and walk out smiling.