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Meet Dr. Micheal Wilson: Your Top Cosmetic Dental Specialist in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Micheal Wilson is one of Charlotte’s most sought-after cosmetic dental specialists. If you are unhappy with the way your smile or your teeth look, consider a consultation with our cosmetic dental specialist – Dr. Wilson. 

He says he enjoys seeing the smiles he can bring patients through cosmetic dentistry. When a person feels proud of their smile, they radiate confidence and feel ready to face the world. 

This article isn’t a substitute for personal dental care. In fact, we hope it helps you decide to seek professional dental care. 

When a patient receives the right treatment for their needs, the results are simply amazing. People who previously felt self-conscious or covered their mouths start smiling more and laughing more. 

What is Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dental treatment intended to improve or enhance the appearance of your teeth or smile. 

While Dr. Wilson is committed to his patient’s oral health and wellness, he also understands the transformative power of looking one’s best. Thanks to the emergence of cosmetic dentistry, an attractive smile is more accessible and affordable than in the past. Patients progress from feeling shy about opening their mouths to feeling proud of their grins. 

Cosmetic Dentistry includes:

  • Teeth whitening treatments
  • Crowns and veneers
  • Combined smile makeover packages
  • Invisalign straightening treatment
  • Sometimes attractive looking implants, bridges, or dentures
  • More subtle tooth-colored fillings 

While different specialists may occasionally be involved with some possible treatments, an experienced general cosmetic dentist coordinates the care and the strategy. Think of it as your game plan for a winning smile!

Why Trust Your Smile to Dr. Wilson

Since each patient is unique, cosmetic dentistry starts with a consultation, sharing your medical history, and an examination. A skilled cosmetic dentist sees the possibilities and will discuss the combination most appropriate to each patient’s needs, goals, and overall health. 

Dr. Wilson has an oral surgery background, and he works with precision. As Charlotte’s top family dental practice member, he offers custom care treating each patient as an individual. 

As a surgeon, he also approaches his work with compassion and empathy. Many patients approach surgery nervously. During surgery, Dr. Micheal tried to make patients feel more comfortable and eases the path to wellness and healing. The same is just as true for cosmetic dentistry. 

About Dr. Micheal Wilson – Cosmetic Dental Specialist

Dr. Micheal Wilson has a lifelong connection to the great state of North Carolina. He was raised in nearby Kings Mountain, NC. He studied music and earned a Bachelors in Music Performance at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During that time, he was a proud member of the Marching Tar Heels! 

He received his dental education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where he was awarded the prestigious Board of Governors Scholarship. During dental school, Dr. Wilson met his wife, Dr. Kelly Wilson. The two are able to live their dream of running a family dental practice in Dr. Kelly Wilson’s hometown! 

The experienced oral surgeon Dr. Raiford took Dr. Micheal Wilson under his wing after dental school. This was when Dr. Wilson gained six years worth of experience in oral surgery, serving patients in hospitals and nursing homes. He found this work rewarding. 

As a consummate professional, Dr. Wison is committed to continuing education. He seeks development through the prestigious Spear Education. One highlight is he and Dr. Kelly Wilson both participate in a Spear study club meeting monthly alongside other general dentists and specialists in the Charlotte, NC, area. He also attends the Spear Center in Arizona for continuing hands-on training in best practices and other aspects of cosmetic dentistry. 

The Wilsons have two sons Hudson and Cohen, who brighten everyone’s day when visiting the practice. 

In addition to family and dentistry, Dr. Micheal Wilson enjoys playing a round of golf or “playing chef” in the kitchen. If you have any great recipes, Dr. Wilson is eager to hear about them. 

About Southview Dentistry

Members of the Southview Dentistry team are deeply connected with the Charlotte area community and continually give back. Dr. Micheal Wilson and Dr. Kelly Wilson worked with the Doves Nest, a women’s program of the Charlotte Rescue Mission, providing dental care so the patients can focus on their recovery. 

In addition, they support the Congenital Heart Defect Foundation. They feel a special connection to this cause since their youngest child was born with a heart defect that required surgery, so they want to support other children and their families. In addition, they support the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Williams Syndrome Association. 

Since 2009, the entire team at Southview Dentistry has brought comfort, confidence, excellence, and health to each patient’s dental experience. We practice today’s best practices and state-of-the-art dentistry techniques while connecting with each patient as an individual. 

Combining warmth and professionalism is what we do! As a family-run dental practice, we understand the importance of relationships. 

If you come to us for care, we do our best to honor your trust and help you feel relaxed, pampered, and maybe even pleasantly surprised at the Southview dental experience. 

No wonder Southview Dentistry is the Charlotte area’s top Charlotte cosmetic dentistry practice! 

Next Steps: Schedule Your Appointment 

Contact Southview Dentistry if you are a Charlotte-area resident who longs for the confidence that comes from a smile that you find attractive. Dr. Micheal Wilson is your cosmetic dentistry specialist. 

Your cosmetic dentistry treatment or smile makeover starts with a consultation and examination. Dr. Wilson will listen to you as you share your goals and hopes. From there, he will help you find the most effective, safe, and appropriate treatments. The field of cosmetic dentistry has come a long way, and many people are surprised when they learn what is possible. 

Call our cosmetic dentistry specialist today to get one day closer to the smile of your dreams!