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Smiling Your Best: When to Know If You’re Ready for Veneers

Feeling comfortable with your body, whether in the way you walk, speak, or look, is a key to happiness. This is why cosmetic procedures are available to help people correct their body’s imperfections. Porcelain veneer treatments are one of the many ways you can become more confident with your body. However, you have to earn your way to a winning smile by figuring out a few signs to tell you if you’re ready for it.

How to get a winning smile through porcelain veneer treatments

There are different options to choose from when correcting your smile, whether for alignment or whitening treatments. Transforming your smile through veneers will start a permanent change in your life to become a more confident individual.

Veneers are slightly more expensive than regular dental products since it solves issues that general whitening can’t remedy. It can also mask crowded, gapped, or crooked teeth to give you a friendlier smile. However, veneers cost much less than smile reconstruction surgery that requires dental implants.

If you doubt whether you should get veneers, here are three signs that will tell you when you’re ready to let them change your life:

1. Teeth whitening products aren’t effective for you

Before you consider veneers, you may choose to subscribe to teeth whitening products to improve your smile. However, there are cases when even professional-grade products can’t change your teeth’s color. Antibiotics that change teeth color can have limited effects, even when you pair it with teeth whitening treatments. This is why some whitening regimens won’t work well together. It’s best to pursue a long-term solution with porcelain veneers if these staining methods don’t work for you.

2. Your oral health allows you to have veneers

After checking if you need it as a luxury or a necessity, you should get a professional diagnosis of your general oral health. Cosmetic dentistry procedures require its patients to have a healthy mouth. This is because any treatments can increase the risk of cavities or gum disease.

A dentist may not recommend that you get veneers if you have poor oral health. Because of this, you must first work towards having better oral health. Consult with your dentist to see what steps you should take and get a potential deadline when you can finally proceed with your veneer treatment.

3. A great smile is necessary for your occupation

Although many people view veneer procedures as luxury treatments, it can be a necessity for particular occupations. Some jobs require applicants and employees to have a polished and idealized physical appearance. Models, hotel staff, and flight attendants are some professions that require a “Hollywood” smile.

Besides businesses with a standard for physical appearances, some professionals will also greatly benefit from a winning smile. People in the industry of selling products and services, like sales reps, real estate agents, and politicians, can use their smile as an effective addition to their arsenal of marketing tools.


Finding the best way to be comfortable in your own skin will help you surpass the negative thoughts of anxiety or low self-esteem. The better you can present yourself to others, the higher your chances of positively affecting your life’s different aspects. Once you’re sure that the signs above apply to you, you’re then ready to get veneers to give you that winning smile.

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