Dental Health Guide to Energy Drinks

Your Dental Health Guide to Energy Drinks: Tips and Tricks

Energy drinks are a popular refreshment for most people with an active, healthy lifestyle, but it is the farthest thing from a healthy drink. Just like other deceptively healthy drinks, you should be careful about how much you take since it can damage your teeth. But what exactly makes energy drinks damaging to your oral health? 

This guide will talk about energy drinks and what they contain that can damage your oral health. We will also discuss tips to manage your energy drink intake and other related dangerous beverages. Take this as an opportunity to look after your dental health, well-being, and maintain your healthy lifestyle. 

Why Energy Drinks are Bad for Your Teeth

Consider these energy drink-related issues to inform yourself of its effects on your health: 



  • Too acidic: Energy drinks also have a dangerously high acid level based on a scientific study, which can damage your teeth’s natural protective coating called enamel. It can destroy your teeth’ condition, which may need to be removed and replaced to maintain your health and well-being. Energy drinks should thus be taken in small amounts to avoid further enamel damage. 


  • Develops a dangerous craving: Since most energy drinks have large amounts of sugar and caffeine, you can easily become addicted to it and endanger your health. Doing so can increase your rate of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. You can also develop unhealthy coping mechanisms and fatigue quickly. So, take energy drinks mindfully and never take it daily. 


Tips about Managing your Energy Drink Intake 

Now that you know the truth about energy drinks, consider the following tips for managing your daily intake of energy drinks: 


  • Drink water and sports drinks instead: Remember—the point of quenching your thirst is to replace the nutrients you lost. You can do so effectively with water and sports drinks to keep from feeling dehydrated and tired. Be sure to also read about information on healthy water or sports drink consumption to maintain your health. 


  • Check the nutritional facts and ingredients before drinking: All beverages have a nutritional facts table and ingredients list on the packaging. You need to be aware of how much sugar, caffeine, fat, and other unhealthy ingredients can damage your health. Use a diet journal to keep track of and maintain a healthy intake of sugar and caffeine intake. 


  • Consult with your local dentist about teeth erosion: Your teeth may be undergoing what is known as teeth erosion, the wearing away of the enamel caused by the consumption of acidic drinks, such as energy drinks. Fortunately, we at Southview Dentistry offer professional dental solutions to address teeth erosion and other related issues. Consult with us today to keep your dental health in check. 



Energy drinks are dangerous to your teeth and can lead to a lot of health complications. It’s essential to manage your intake of it and have your teeth checked immediately. Take note of all the previously mentioned information and seek professional dental care today. 

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