Tooth Extraction

3 Reasons You May Need to Undergo Tooth Extraction

Many people know how to take care of their oral health properly. Unfortunately, even with the best care, dental problems can still occur. This is when a dentist’s help becomes necessary, as they can address these problems through various dental procedures.

That said, one way a dentist can solve a dental problem is to pull one or more teeth. There are many reasons that such a procedure, called an extraction, is necessary. Here are some examples to give you a better idea of what to expect:

 1. The tooth is severely damaged

In many cases, tooth decay and cavities can quickly be addressed if caught early on. However, if these problems are left unchecked, they can worsen to the point that they crack or damage your teeth.

At this point, the teeth will no longer be salvable. A dentist will have no choice but to pull them out to ensure the problem does not get any worse and spread elsewhere. If you notice that your teeth are cracked or broken, head to the dentist immediately!

 2. The tooth is infected

An infection can happen when bacteria enter a tooth through a crack in the enamel. This problem is significantly more likely to occur if an individual does not practice good oral hygiene or consumes too much sugar in their diet.

With that said, most infections can be treated by dentists through root canal therapy. This procedure eliminates the infection and saves the tooth. However, if the dentist finds that root canal treatment is not suitable to treat the condition, tooth extraction may be the next best solution.

 3. The tooth has impacted other teeth

Some people have too many teeth in their mouths, which leads to overcrowding that may also lead to impacted teeth. An impacted tooth is often difficult to clean and prone to infection and decay. It can also be painful and abnormally positioned, making it unusable. 

There is no other solution to this problem other than a tooth extraction. That said, more than one extraction may be required, which will then be followed by a teeth-straightening treatment, such as braces. This will ensure the rest of the teeth can straighten, allowing any growing tooth to grow correctly.


If you find yourself dealing with any of the above problems, the chances are that you will end up getting a tooth extraction. Fortunately, this is generally a last-resort solution, meaning that your dentist will likely try other solutions first.

Before you have your tooth extracted, you will likely undergo a few procedures beforehand. For instance, you will need an x-ray scan to allow the dentist to make a proper diagnosis, You may also need to have your gums cut open to allow for a clean procedure.

After the extraction is complete, you will need to properly take care of your oral health to ensure quick and effective recovery, followed by more meetings with the dentist to ensure everything is healing as expected.

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