Southview Dentistry CASE STUDY: Pinhole Surgical Technique

Case Study: Pinhole Surgical Technique – Pinhole Gum Rejuvenation

Do you experience tooth pain from hot and cold sensitivity?

Are your gums receding and exposing the roots of your teeth?

If so, you could benefit from pinhole gum rejuvenation.

Your gum is the support for your teeth and protects your teeth from disease, deterioration and other unsightly issues.

It used to be so painful and take forever…

Historically, pinhole gum rejuvenation has been a long, painful process involving a tissue graft from the roof of the patient’s mouth to the areas of the gumline needing rejuvenation, leaving a painful recovery of at least two different places in your mouth. Not to mention, we don’t perform that procedure here at Southview so our patients had to get the procedure done in a different office.

This process left many people trying to ignore the discomfort and less than perfect appearance of their gumline.

Now it’s quick, easy and noninvasive.

But not to worry, we have brought a solution back as a service to Southview Dentistry. We are now offering the Pinhole Surgical Technique ®. Dr. Micheal studied directly with Dr. Chao, this technique’s creator!

Pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure before and afterChao Pinhole Surgical Technique®

The Pinhole Surgical Technique ® starts with a tiny hole made in the patient’s gum using a needle (hence the name “pinhole”). We then use a special tool to go through the tiny hole and shift the tissue back around the tooth. This procedure keeps the treatment highly localized and eliminates the need for cutting and grafting and suturing and multiple weeks of recovery.

In addition, we aren’t limited to how many teeth we can treat during one session. The placement of the pinhole allows us to correct your gum recession across many teeth.

No more knives! No more cutting! No more stitches in your mouth!

How does this pinhole gum rejuvenation procedure work and how long am I recovering?

Your gums are resilient! They are filled with collagen that makes them strong and flexible.

Basically, once the numbing wears off, you’re good to go with little to no tenderness.

Within one day of the procedure, your gumline looks picture perfect, your teeth are fully protected from the elements and the pinhole is nearly undetectable.

Dr. Chao Pinhole Surgical Gum RejuvenationTechnique before and afterChao Pinhole Surgical Technique®

Are you ready for instant cosmetic and health improvements?

At a comparable price with less pain, less recovery time and more immediate results, this new pinhole gum correction could be perfect for you.

Request a consultation today!