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How We Make a Difference Through Advanced Dental Technologies

Modern advanced dental technologies help dentists create a better dental care experience for patients. Southview Dentistry embraces the best modern technology and techniques to offer our patients effective treatment in a more comfortable environment.

Dentistry has changed over the past ten years, and it continues to evolve. New and emerging tools and techniques allow professional dentists to offer bespoke services that suit your unique mouth and your needs.

Some Of Our Advanced Dental Technologies Include:

To learn more about the advanced dental technologies we use, visit our page describing the Modern Difference.

Applications of Modern Dentistry

Since many people feel wary of dental care, modern dentistry offers solutions for a more comfortable experience. For example, current practices in sedation dentistry allow anxious patients the opportunity to receive essential preventative care in a calm. Relaxed state. It protects people with low pain tolerance levels or extreme dental anxiety from letting their teeth fail simply out of fear.

Sedation Dentistry is just one of many ways that the art and science of modern dentistry evolve to better meet patients needs. Another example is innovative new treatments for gum disease.

Since we don’t regrow gum tissue, gum disease is a top dental care concern. Inflamed and damaged gums lead to tooth loss, discomfort, and may even affect heart health. Modern procedures like pinhole gum surgery offer a less invasive alternative to grafting. Techniques like these result in more people enjoying a healthy mouth throughout their lives.

Of course, not every treatment suits every patient. With so many new options, it is even more important than ever to use a high-quality dental practice employing skilled practitioners.

How Modern Dentistry Makes a Difference for Patients

It is hard to discuss the benefits of modern dental technology as the topic is too broad. Each new technology aims to improve on legacy tools and techniques in some way. We typically embrace technologies that make it easier for us to do our job well. Our patients benefit in the following ways:

  • Some of our favorite technologies enhance patient comfort as we strive to offer the best care while providing a pleasant experience as much as possible.
  • Many practices, like same day crowns, save our patient time and visits to the dentist. Rather than return for multiple visits over weeks, many patients receive a durable crown within one day and one visit. We respect our patient’s time.
  • New and upcoming diagnostic tools use modern technology to quickly yet accurately diagnose conditions in less invasive ways. Early diagnosis allows a greater range of treatment options and a greater chance of success. This is one reason why we use digital x-rays.
  • Dental surgery is one area that benefits greatly from modern technology. This new generation of procedures is highly effective and often less invasive than the previous generation of dental surgery.
  • Digital record keeping allows your entire team to access your full record so they have the information they need to provide your best care. When using best security practices, these files are often more secure than traditional paper files.
  • Over time, some emerging practices result in better cost control. In some cases, your dentist may not need to outsource certain functions so this helps control prices and also means that patients don’t need to take as much time away from their jobs and other commitments.
  • All these techniques work together to provide better dental care.

WebMD outlines new and developing tech-assisted dental procedures. For example, some dentists use lasers to detect cavities. This technology isn’t perfect, one flaw is it doesn’t work as well with teeth already containing fillings, according to WebMD. However, it is more comfortable for some patients than the explorer tool dentists typically use and may expose tooth decay earlier. Southview Dentistry uses the Diagnodent cavity-detecting laser in some cases.

Engineers and manufactures used computer-assisted design (CAD) for decades to streamline design, construction, and manufacturing. The selected dentist now use CAD to map the mouth and efficiently create crowns and bridges.

These techniques are just the beginning.

Why Don’t All Dentists Embrace Modern Technology

Each practice makes choices based on what they feel works for their patients and their practice. Many advanced technologies require significant financial investment to acquire the equipment and significant time investment to master new techniques.

Also, as with any technology prices tend to be higher at first. Think of the release of the smartphone. Initially, the high price point served as a barrier for many people. Each year, the technology advances while the price came down until most people saw it as a reasonable expense.

A similar pattern follows with most new technologies including medical and dental technologies. Highly skilled specialists and larger practices tend to embrace new techniques before they trickle to mainstream dentists. The key for the patient is finding the right dental practice qualified to offer the new treatments that benefit you.

As new diagnostic and treatment options emerge, Southview will choose those that support best practices in modern dentistry. In other words, we invest in new technology that helps us better serve you.

One thing that hasn’t changed is that a healthy mouth starts with consistent dental hygiene and preventive dental care. Contact Southview Dentistry to schedule a dental appointment. See for yourself how advanced dental technologies make a difference in your oral health.