Pinhole Gum Surgery

What is Pinhole Gum Surgery?

The Pinhole gum surgery is used to correct gum recession. Gum recession refers to any instance in which gum tissue along the gumline begins to recede. Gum recession can be a result of many situations, including:

  • Periodontal Disease
  • Natural aging of the gums
  • Aggressive brushing habits
  • Grinding your teeth
  • Overall poor oral health

Gum recession should always be taken very seriously. Recession can lead to the root structure of the tooth being exposed and can lead to decay along the gumline. Getting treatment for gum recessions is extremely important, and pinhole gum surgery is the leading technique for lasting correction.

Pinhole gum surgery can be used in place of the conventional grafting technique, which is limited to the amount of tissue that can be taken from a site in the patient’s mouth and moved. With the pinhole surgical technique we do not have these limitations. We can treat a full mouth of recession at one appointment. Pinhole is a predictable, effective, minimally invasive, time and cost effective alternative to conventional grafting.

Patients can expect to return to work the following day with some swelling present but in most cases pain free. The majority of patients do not need pain medication beyond twenty four hours after surgery.

Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique®

pinhole gum surgery

At Southview Dentistry Dr. Micheal Wilson is a certified provider of the Dr. Chao Pinhole Technique®. This surgery is used as an alternative to treat gum recession in patients. Most patients that have recession of their gums are normally sent to their periodontist for a conventional graft from their palate that is then placed at the site of their recession. This grafting technique is notorious for being extremely painful and invasive. Dr. Chao has invented a superior technique that is scalpel free, suture free and graft free.

This technique, uses a needle to make a small pinhole in the patient’s existing tissue in the gums. Now by using the pinhole made, specially crafted instruments are used to loosen the gum tissue, expand and cover the exposed root structure of the tooth. Covering of the tooth prevents decay caused by root and structure exposure. This technique is far less invasive and can be completed in just one appointment.

Benefits of Pinhole

The benefits of pinhole, far outweigh the benefits of conventional treatment options. Here are some of the differentiators for Pinhole in contrast to other treatments:

  • Less pain and discomfort felt by the patient
  • Sustained, long-lasting results
  • Less invasive than alternative procedures
  • Quick recovery
  • No need for incisions and sutures
  • Can be back to work the next day

Pinhole Gum Surgery Before and After

pinhole gum surgery beforeBefore Pinhole Gum Surgery

pinhole gum surgery afterAfter Pinhole Gum Surgery

Pinhole Gum Surgery at Southview Dentistry

Southview Dentistry is your premier Charlotte, North Carolina location for gum recession treatment and the Chao Pinhole Technique®. Dr. Micheal Wilson is certified in these techniques and is ready to help improve your overall oral health with gum recession treatment. If you have any further questions about Pinhole or would like to schedule an appointment for pinhole gum surgery in Charlotte, give our office a call today!