veneers to fix gap in front teeth

Case Study: Front Teeth Gap Closed with Veneers

Many people have a gap in their front teeth. This is called a diastema and generally isn’t a problem to your health. This patient wanted his gap closed for aesthetic reasons. He chose to have veneers to fix the gap in his front teeth. 

His Options for Diastema Closure

For this patient, we suggested two options: move the teeth with braces to close the gap, use veneers for diastema closure or bonding on his teeth.

Why Did He Choose to Have Veneers for Diastema Closure?

In this case, his teeth were already quite straight and his bite wasn’t in need of correcting. Since this patients front teeth were already on the small side, he decided to place veneers to fix the gap in his front teeth and make his front teeth larger.

veneers for diastema closure    veneers to close gap in front teeth

This decision is common in adults. Because they can be painful and lengthy, many adults prefer to forgo braces when they need cosmetic work done.

When patients are already conscious of the size of their teeth, we prefer to cosmetically change the teeth shape and size. In addition, veneers or bonding lend themselves to quickly and painlessly fixing the look of your smile. We can complete veneer and bonding cases in fewer visits than braces and the bonus – we can do it all in our Dilworth office!

What Are Veneers?

Dental veneers are composed of a thin layer of porcelain or resin that’s placed over the natural surface of your tooth and bonded in place with a high-powered laser and adhesive. Veneers can fully cover the surface of your tooth to renew the appearance, shape, and even function of your natural tooth.

Therefore, these veneers are perfect for treating minor chips, ridges, or other imperfections that could leave you self-conscious about your smile. 

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Because they are minimally invasive and don’t require much of your tooth to be drilled away, veneers are best for relatively minor dental problems–such as using veneers to close the gap in front teeth. They are a good option for situations in which the enamel of your front teeth has been damaged enough to where dental whitening treatments are no longer effective.

When the surface enamel of your front teeth wears away, the internal dentin (a yellowish color) can shine through. When this happens no whitening treatment or toothpaste can manage this discoloration short of covering the natural tooth.

What is the Southview Dentistry process for getting veneers?

All of our cosmetic procedures begin with a records appointment. This allows us to properly plan your treatment and to obtain the results you were looking for. During this visit, we will take photos of your teeth and impressions. We will use these impressions to make models for the planning phase.

Then next visit we will prepare your teeth and you will go home in temporary veneers. This is our way of letting you test run your new teeth. We will be able to make sure you like the aesthetics of your planned smile and that they function properly.

The final appointment will be our delivery day. On this visit, we remove your temporaries and cement your final crowns or veneers. The process is clean and simple and you can walk out of our office with your front teeth gap closed with veneers!

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