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Why is My Tooth Sensitive to Hot and Cold

Why is My Tooth Sensitive to Hot and Cold?

Often patients ask us, why is my tooth sensitive to hot and cold? Temperature sensitivity can range from mild to very painful. You may experience a sudden jolt of pain triggered by cold water, hot food, cold air, and even spicy foods. 

Since there are multiple possible causes of temperature sensitivity in teeth, the treatment options vary depending on the cause and severity of the pain. Learning common causes also empowers you to prevent future tooth sensitivity. 

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what causes acid erosion in teeth

Case Study: What Causes Acid Erosion in Teeth

Protecting and preserving your tooth enamel is one of the most important things you can do for your teeth. Over time, tooth enamel breaks down due to impact, grinding, age, and acid erosion. Damage from acid erosion may be the easiest to prevent. To understand how you may prevent acid erosion, first you need to understand what causes acid erosion in teeth.

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dental questions answered

Your Most Burning Dental Questions Answered

Over the years, patients ask us a lot of questions. The team at Southview Dentistry is committed to providing the best oral care and we believe in the importance of oral health education. The five common dental questions answered in this article cover a range of oral hygiene concerns.

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