ON THE ROAD - Continuing Education

ON THE ROAD: Continuing CEREC Education on Front Teeth Aesthetics

Our dentists, Dr. Kelly and Dr. Micheal, spent the weekend in Santa Rosa, CA doing hands-on trainings with Dr. James Klim himself, of the Klim Institute! Their classes focused on the mastering CEREC techniques for restoring patients’ front teeth look and feel for the best natural-looking finish.

Dentistry is constantly evolving with new technologies and techniques for less invasive and more natural looking teeth restorations. This “aesthetic revolution” is providing more options for dentists to provide to their patients for better care and outcomes!

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Dr. Klim's CEREC Workshops

cerec front teeth treatment

cerec front teeth treatment

Dr. Kelly practicing new CEREC front teeth treatment

Southview dentists with CEREC expert, Dr. Klim

 cerec front teeth treatment

Dr. Michael learning about new CEREC techniques from Dr. Klim

About the Course

ON THE ROAD: Anterior Aesthetic Ceramic Finishing
Hands On Ceramic Finishing Course Instructed by James Klim, DDS, FAGD, AAACD


About Dr. James Klim

Dr. Klim is an internationally recognized speaker, author, manufacture consultant, beta tester, and teacher of advanced functional and aesthetic CAD/CAM dentistry.

With over 25 years of clinical experience working with all-ceramic restorations, Dr. Klim has developed sound clinical techniques that he is now applying to the CEREC process. He is passionate about sharing tools and templates that will assist other users with their success and satisfaction in the CAD/CAM restorative theater.

Currently, Dr. Klim has a full time restorative practice in Santa Rosa, California and is founder and director of the Klim Institute CADStar™ CEREC Training Center.

With a number of years teaching post-graduate levels in functional and aesthetic dentistry, he is now using this experience as a certified advanced CEREC Patterson trainer. 



“Today’s CEREC Omnicam and software offers my patients and my practice complete occlusal control, precise fitting restorations, and excellent aesthetics.”

— James Klim DDS, FAGD, AAACD

This system is the latest development in dental technology. It provides a faster, more attractive result for patients, along with less injections and drilling. It also conserves more of the natural structure of your teeth and requires less drilling. Check out how we are using our CEREC system at Southview!