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cosmetic dental specialist

Meet Dr. Micheal Wilson: Your Top Cosmetic Dental Specialist in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Micheal Wilson is one of Charlotte’s most sought-after cosmetic dental specialists. If you are unhappy with the way your smile or your teeth look, consider a consultation with our cosmetic dental specialist – Dr. Wilson. 

He says he enjoys seeing the smiles he can bring patients through cosmetic dentistry. When a person feels proud of their smile, they radiate confidence and feel ready to face the world. 

This article isn’t a substitute for personal dental care. In fact, we hope it helps you decide to seek professional dental care. 

When a patient receives the right treatment for their needs, the results are simply amazing. People who previously felt self-conscious or covered their mouths start smiling more and laughing more. 

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Invisalign specialist

Meet Dr. Kelly Wilson: Your Top Invisalign Specialist in Charlotte, NC

If you are looking for an Invisalign specialist in Charlotte, look no farther than Dr. Kelly Wilson. 

Dr. Wilson is known for her commitment to compassionate dental care. Her patient-centered approach combined with her Invisalign experience makes her an obvious choice for patients who long for a straighter smile. 

While this article is not a substitute for professional dental care, we hope this information helps you choose the right dentist for your needs. 

Dr. Wilson is deeply connected with the community — in fact, Charlotte is her hometown. Her patients enjoy personalized care that comes from a family-oriented dental practice like Southview Dentistry. It isn’t surprising that Charlotte area residents have trusted their smiles to Southview Dentistry for over a decade! 

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