Jaw Muscle Pain

The majority of jaw/muscle pain symptoms can be treated with a night guard. What type of guard however, can have a major impact on helping treat your jaw muscle pain symptoms. Most patients can benefit from a dental guard that allows only the front teeth to touch. However, patients with true joint jaw pain, not muscle related, will benefit more when all the teeth are supported with a guard.  Dr. Micheal and Kelly will help you determine which will be best for you. There are some instances where a guard is not able to help and in that case you would be referred to a specialist for TMJ Relief.

Additional Information

Jaw pain is commonly associated with TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction – also referred to as TMJ) but is often times not that serious – it could just be a case of teeth grinding. At Southview Dentistry, we see lots of patients who grind their teeth at night due to stress from their daily lives or who suffer from sleep apnea or snoring. Grinding is not always a stress-related symptom it could just be a case of snoring causing your jaws to clench.

When a patient visits us the first question we ask is if they suffer from sleep apnea or snoring, which could cause grinding of their teeth without a patient even knowing it.

How Doctors Can Help

Dr. Kelly or Dr. Micheal will examine your jaw and determine the best form of TMJ Relief. Self-treatment is not recommended when the jaw pain is extreme as it could cause the condition to worsen.

Using Night Guards

To help jaw pain due to grinding, Dr. Kelly or Dr. Micheal will prescribe patients a night guard. This can offer TMJ relief. However, not all night guards work the same. Dr. Micheal custom makes every night guard in the office that fits your bite exactly.

After receiving your custom night guard it’s important to remember to bring them with you to every dental visit so Drs. Kelly & Micheal can check your bite and clean it for you.