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How to Select a Top Dentist in Charlotte, NC – Our Guide

When you have a terrible toothache or feel gum pain, the first thing you should think about is contacting your general dentist and coming in for a check-up. But what if you don’t have a regular dentist to call when your teeth need professional care? 

The journey of finding a dentist who can provide expert care while being easy to work with can be incredibly difficult. It’s the type of journey that you definitely don’t want to undertake when you’re experiencing pain. 

Before your oral health starts deteriorating or you encounter an accident, search for a general dentist to have on call. That way, you know your emergency can be dealt with by someone you trust. 

Here is our guide to selecting a top dentist in Charlotte:

Step 1: Consider Your Location

A general dentist is your primary dental care provider. They can diagnose and manage your overall oral health needs—from gum care, preventive education, fillings, root canals, veneers, and other general oral services. If you aren’t sure exactly what type of care you need, your general dentist should be your first stop. 

When searching for a dentist that you can rely on for regular checkups and emergencies alike, it’s important to consider your location. After all, it isn’t practical to travel for hours every time you need to pay a visit. Look for a well-rated general dentist in your area that isn’t too difficult to access. Consider their office hours as well. A dentist that can provide quick service at times that are convenient to you is always better than one that’s only open during your working hours.

Step 2: Consider Their Qualities

You will know you are in good hands if your dentist has the following qualities:

#1: Knows How to Listen

An excellent dentist knows how to listen to their patients carefully. Instead of forcing their recommendations, they never rush into treatment and allow their patients to vent their concerns. Learning when and how to listen to patients increases the doctor-patient relationship, builds rapport, and enhances a patient’s confidence. 

#2: Always Shares Their Knowledge

Dentists who make medical terms simpler to understand are exceptional. They will take the time to explain to their patients the different options available and guide them on how to prevent similar conditions in the future.

#3: Serves With Respect

The right dentist will not make you wait for long hours when you already have an appointment. They will always be punctual because they value your time. They also respect your needs, so they offer good dental treatment options that are affordable.

#4: Actively Follows Up

If your dentist follows up on your condition after long and complicated dental restorative services, you are in luck. That act shows how much your dentist prioritizes you, and not all will do the same. They make sure that you feel better and follow their recommended recovery instructions for faster healing. 

#5: Cares About Their Staff

You know your dentist genuinely cares about their patients if they also treat their staff with care. They interact and work as one with their team, and they are attentive and kind to their needs. 

Step 3: Choose Southview Dentistry

If you live in Charlotte, NC, Southview Dentistry is ready to serve you. Our team is experienced and more than capable of caring for your oral health while employing the latest methods and equipment. We pay special attention to every single patient, ensuring that you feel comfortable and well-cared for. The fact that we were voted as the Top Charlotte Dentists in Charlotte Magazine since 2011 only further proves this! Choose Southview Dentistry for a general dentist you can rely on.