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COVID-19 Safety Precautions

COVID-19 Safety Precautions and FAQs

After 2 months of postponed non-emergent care at our practice, many of us have accepted the new routines that have emerged as North Carolina shelters in place due to COVID19. We missed each and every one of our patients, and thought  about you and your families, your oral health, overall health and mental health. Learning how to home school kids, zoom meetings, and all things that have come with our new normal.

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Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month

February is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month

We would like to turn our attention to a topic that is close to our heart — childhood congenital heart defects.

With February being both Heart Disease Awareness Month and Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Month it seems like the right time to share crucial information.

Imagine the joy, new parents experience after the birth of a child. They witnessed a new life come into the world and feel overwhelmed with love and eager anticipation for the future.

Then, after their new child completes screening exams, they learn their child may have a congenital heart defect. This is something that hits home for us and too many other families have also experienced. Thanks to medical science advances, the survival and quality of life for people with congenital heart defects continue to improve.

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Prevent Dry Socket

Case Study: How Digital Dental Impressions Can Help Treat And Diagnose Common Dental Issues

Accurate digital dental impressions are one of a dentist’s best-kept secret. When you think of quality dental care, chances are you imagine a skill and experienced dentist and hygienist manually examining each tooth. If you are like most people, the imaging may be the last thing you picture.

Imaging is one tool that allows your dentist to help you achieve a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. It also helps you achieve a beautiful and confident smile.

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The History of Dental Fillings and How They Have Changed Over Time

The history of dental fillings parallels the history of modern dentistry. As dentistry evolved to include more sophisticated diagnostic and treatment methods, so did dental filling options. Today’s dentists offer a range of dental filling materials that work differently depending on the teeth and the patient’s needs.

People are often surprised to learn the modern filling has origins dating back as far as 201 AD. The American Dental Education Association describes dentistry as one of the oldest medical professions. Despite its ancient origins many people could not afford to see a dental professional. Until relatively recently, many people would visit barbers for tooth extractions in addition to hair care. As a result, people sometimes overlook dentistry’s rich history.

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