woman suffering from toothache

3 Reasons Why Your Teeth May Be Hurting – What to Know

Suffering from an open wound is one thing, but tooth pain is quite another—nothing quite compares to the aggravation it brings, and the onset can almost feel debilitating. 

Unfortunately, this pain is also synonymous with a dentist appointment because whatever it is that may be causing you pain needs to be addressed. Your mind whirls at the idea of a root canal, wisdom tooth surgery, or even the possibility of gum disease. Whatever the cause, your dentist is there to help relieve the pain. 

Before you call your dentist, however, it’s vital that you understand where the pain might be coming from. Contrary to popular belief, tooth pain can happen due to a variety of things, and not just cavities. It can be a result of multiple problems at once, or perhaps a condition you didn’t think would affect your mouth’s health.

A little knowledge goes a long way, especially if it ends up helping your dentist truly discover the root of the problem. To help you identify the issue, here are three possible reasons for your discomfort:

1 – Gum recession 

The morning, evening, and time in between calls for good dental hygiene, prompting you to brush and floss regularly. You want those pearly whites as clean as possible. Fresh breath is also non-negotiable, but unfortunately, brushing too hard is often causing you pain now. Too much pressure can also lead to gum pain and recession—it wears away your tooth structure, ultimately affecting gums that cover your teeth’s roots.  REcession can also be cause by other forces on teeth such as clenching and grinding or from too much force from braces.

Gum recession is the loss of gums covering the root surfaces.   This can be characterized by extreme sensitivity, especially when eating and drinking cold food. This is due to the fact that your roots are already exposed, which also leaves you wide open for more infections. 

2 – You are suffering from a gum infection

Periodontitis, or periodontal gum disease, is an infection of the bone and gums. This leaves the gum exposed to constant bouts of infection, causing them to be inflamed, loose and to recede over time. A toothache is a symptom of this disease, but even if you do not suffer from the condition, you’re still at risk of developing gum infections.

Bacteria and other microorganisms can easily enter the gum area or between your teeth, where they breed and multiply until your body can no longer fight them off. Once the infection begins, you‘ll be experiencing pain, swelling, bleeding and possibly the presence of a pimple. This leads to a bad taste in the mouth, as well as the release of pus. It’s best to visit your dentist as soon as you can-leaving it as it can lead to serious consequences, including an abscess and possibly the loss of teeth.

3 – You’ve cracked your tooth

Although teeth are harder than bones, fractures and breakage can occur and lead to extensive damage that eventually affects your nerves, leading to the pain. A cracked tooth, for instance, can be the cause of your pain. This happens due to a variety of things, including accidental biting of a solid item, an injury from an accident, or even tooth grinding. 

With a crack or chip present, you’ll find that pain will strike whenever you attempt to bite, chew, and even drink. Once you locate where the crack might be, it’s best to schedule a dental appointment as soon as possible. You’ll want the area restored properly so that you can avoid future damage or trauma.

Getting The Best Dental Treatment In Charlotte 

Tooth pain can mean a variety of things, which can range from something as simple as a chipped tooth down to more complicated conditions like gum recession. Identifying what may be the cause of your pain can always help, but this must always be followed through by a visit to the dentist. To live a pain-free life, entrust your oral health to your dentist- they’re there to help.

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