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Myofunctional Therapy Exercises

The Top Myofunctional Therapy Exercises

Myofunctional therapy exercises help strengthen the tongue and other facial muscles. Therapists often prescribe or recommend them as part of the treatment for mouth breathing, sleep apnea, and a range of other health problems.

Keep in mind that nothing in this article is a substitute for individualized medical or dental care. Like all medical care, myofunctional therapy exercises are customized to suit the patient’s needs and history. Always discuss any concerns or symptoms with your dentist or doctor since that is the first step to receiving appropriate care.

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Can Invisalign Fix Gaps

Can Invisalign Fix Gaps in Your Teeth?

Patients often ask, “can Invisalign fix gaps between teeth?” The answer is, yes, in many cases, Invisalign can fix gaps, but like any treatment option, it isn’t right for everyone. We hope this article answers some of your questions about invisible aligners like Invisalign.

Please remember this article isn’t a substitute for professional dental care. We hope it helps you be an informed patient as you discuss your needs and treatment goals with a qualified dentist. Learning about potential options often makes it easier for patients to advocate for themselves and ask the right questions from their providers.

Invisible aligners are sought after due to comfort and convenience. Adults who avoid metal braces often prefer Invisalign since they are less noticeable and seem to have less impact on daily life. After successfully completing Invisalign treatment, our patients often feel more confident about their appearance and their smile. However, straightening the teeth also has oral health benefits beyond the cosmetic results.

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